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Reverse Auction.

There's a whole new way for buyers to Hire. Forward Auction Reverse Auction
Let the software work for you!
You have the market and now all you need is ILance to bring it all together.
Search and match skills.
Buyers can easily drill down the skill set they are seeking for a project and be matched with qualified providers based on various filters such as expertise, exact distance radius and feedback.

Keep it safe in escrow.
Optional escrow tools can be turned on to intersect the financials and secure the payment before the project is closed, the buyer simply funds the account and the provider is paid upon completion and satisfaction.

Customize your content.
Cater to any market niche and gain valuable information by creating your own content input fields for key actions in the marketplace such as registration questions, profile verifications and listings.

Adjustable ratings system.
Configure custom rating specifics to match your market niche and decide how your buyers and providers will be rated based on flexible feedback criteria.

Budget and bid ranges.
Easily set up budget ranges for buyers to specify their budget when accepting bid proposals keeping the event organized, efficient and fair.

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